Monday, December 7, 2009

No Matter Who You Are <>< A Poem

Have you heard about this man
Who is now in glory and at peace with Him

He paid the price for the laws he didn’t abide
But when it was time to die
He made a choice to save his life

There is not much said about this man.
Only a one phase that he said

But his story is one that speaks
How with two simple words
You can be redeemed

Blessed was this man who was lost
Who was beside the Savior on the cross
When he turned and said, “Remember me”
Jesus replied, “In my paradise you will be”


No matter who you are
No matter where you are from
No matter what you did
You have a choice to live again

All you need is faith
To live in the Father’s grace
So turn to Christ like this man
And one day in paradise you will also stand

Written By ForwardThought (November 2007)